Upgraded Site

  I upgraded FG Pipistrel Hangar website from my own php written website to wordpress. Basically I wanted to be able to have a blog on this Hangar and be able to post without having to write HTML so I figured that wordpress is the best option. I’ll be posting updates here when significant work has been done on one of the Pipistrel aircraft or someone has started modelling a new one.

The old website can still be found at old.fgpipistrel.org although I’m no longer planning on maintaining it.


  1. Small note to your aircraft: WATTs UP was the project name, now, that it’s being produced, its name is “Alpha Electro” (I heard that on the AERO yesterday ;))

  2. Hi!
    Just wanted to let you know, that I’m at the moment developing the WATTsUP (now Alpha Electro) for flightgear.
    A very friendly guy from Pipistrel sent me a 3-view-plan, so I’m at the moment building the model.

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